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Cannes Film Festival will be opened with The Great Gatsby

2013 March 13

The organizers of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival have announced that it take place on May 15 with the presentation of out-of-competition film "The Great Gatsby" by Australian director Baz Luhrmann.


This is the fifth screen version of the famous novel by the American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The first attempt to transfer the story to the screen was made in 1926 by Herbert Brenon. Warner Baxter stared as Gatsby. The last one was in 2000: it was a TV movie by Robert Markowitz with Mira Sorvino and Toby Stephens playing key roles. However, the most famous screen version remained "The Great Gatsby" by Francis Ford Coppola, with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.

At this time in the role of Jay Gatsby appeared Leonardo DiCaprio, who, despite of his popularity and a significant collection of great roles in films could not get the Oscar award.

The novel and the film take place in Roaring Twenties, on the eastern coast of the United States. Life of the romantic and tragic character Jay Gatsby is discribed by the story of his friend Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire). In the film also played Indian Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan and rapper Jay-Z. They both have promised to be at the official opening night.

Luhrmann’s new picture is the first film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby", in a modern 3D format, and the second film in this format in the history of the Cannes International Film Festival (the first was the animation "Up").


Baz Luhrmann was twice honored at Cannes: in 1992 he won "Award of the Youth" for the musical "Strictly Ballroom" and in 1999 his musical "Moulin Rouge"opened the Cannes Film Festival. 

As for Leonardo DiCaprio, it was generally his first appearence on Cannes International Film Festival, he was present there only once, in 2007 as the producer of the documentary film on environmental issues "The 11th Hour".

At the same with the festival premiere of "The Great Gatsby", the film will be released in cinemas in France.

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