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BBC will show the first documentary about the shooting in Colorado

2013 March 13


TV channel BBC 3, which is oriented on the youth audience, has ordered the British producing studio Mentorn Media with the first documentary on the tragedy that took place on the 20th of July at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Film that has duration of 60 minutes will be presented on August 23. 

According to BBC, journalist Amal Fashanu within the framework of the project visited Aurora, spoke with survivors of the massacre at the house showing, as well as with other young Americans, and discussed a number of critical questions. In particular, it was the law on the possession of weapons and the issue of the death penalty. 

We recall that on the 20th of July, James Holmes (24 years old), a former student of the University of Colorado, brought down fire on the audience who came to the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises to the Century 16 cinema. As a result, 12 people were killed and 58 were wounded. The murderer was arrested near the cinema. On the 30th of July he was formally charged. Now James Holmes is on remand and very soon he could be condemned to death.


The monstrous act of James Holmes caused a wave of imitations. During the first days after the tragedy police has arrested three people in different states of America. Two of them were without weapons and just tried to threaten the audience of the The Dark Knight. The third one, inspired with the example of James Holmes, armed himself with weapons and tried to kill his employer. The Hollywood Reporter announced that last Saturday 37-year resident of Ohio, Scott A. Smith tried to enter the house showing of movie by Christopher Nolan in a suburb of Cleveland with a loaded gun, reserve ammunition and four knives. When the guards of the cinema found all this stuff in his bag, he peacefully said that will carry a weapon back to his car. Now Smith's lawyer insists that his client just wanted to watch a movie. Gun and knives were brought for self protection, because Smith was terrified with events in Colorado. 

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