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Colorado shooter does not plead guilty

2013 March 13


James Holmes, who is known as the Colorado shooter, who started shooting on the 20th of July 2012 at the Aurora cinema during the first house showing of The Dark Knight Rises, does not plead guilty. District judge William Sylvester has approved the use of “truth serum” in the course of forensic psychiatric examination.

On the twelfth of March James Holmes, who last July has shot at the audience of the Aurora cinema (Colorado), refused to admit his guilt. Such a statement was made on behalf of Judge William Sylvester. If lawyers of James Holmes will insist on his innocence and protest insanity at the moment of committing the crime, James Holmes may be subjected to "drug analytical interrogation" with usage of so-called "truth serum". 


Interrogation under the influence of "truth serum" should become a part the forensic psychiatric examination, which will help the court to determine whether James Holmes was mentally disturbed or not. In his formal recommendation William Sylvester did not specify which particular substances could become part of the drug and named them "necessary". Judge has also noted that during forensic psychiatric examination the defendant will probably undergo additional tests on a polygraph. 

According to Fox News the possibility of "drug analytical questioning" has caused protest on the part of defense lawyers who declared that such a measure violates rights of their client. After discussion with the prosecution and defense, the judge amended the final wording of his recommendations, that the technique of "drug analytical questioning" is not prohibited in Colorado. According to CNN the trial of Holmes is appointed on the fifth of August 2013. On the first of April the prosecution must make a declaration about their requirement of the death penalty or life imprisonment for James Holmes.

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