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Brad Pitt comes with family and Jeffrey Jacob Abrams with actors

2013 March 13



In the course of presentation of "Central Partnership", it has been announced that director of the film Star Trek Into Darkness Jeffrey Jacob Abrams and his team of actors will come to Moscow in late April. While Brad Pitt and his big family may visit the capital in June for presentation World War Z. But the main event of the presentation was a showcase of "Legends № 17" by Nikolai Lebedev. There were no new materials on Star Trek and on the thriller about jugglers Now You See Me, but it was mentioned that new trailers of the projects will be presented to the public very soon. For the first time the public was shown with the trailer of biographical drama Gagarin. First Man Into Space. By the way, release of this film was put back from the 11th of April until this summer. Although the atmosphere of the epoch is carefully recreated, we can find a lacks of dynamics and a clearly defined conflict. 


In distinction from Gagarin Marathon by Karen Oganesyan, which is included in the list of the most expected Russian Premier of the year, has received its date of release (July 4) 

Central Partnership Presentation was rather short, and producer Leonid Vereshchagin compared it to the demonstration of trailers at the cinema before house showing. Vereshchagin appeared on stage with Nikolai Lebedev to present Legend № 17. It is a drama about great hockey player Valery Kharlamov and his relationship with coach Anatoly Tarasov. 

Legend № 17 begins with a beautiful scene of childhood of Valery Kharlamov (Danila Kozlovsky), when he visited his uncle in Spain. This episode will help him get through one of the most difficult moments of his career - a match with Canadians in 1972. The film includes such moments as emotional relationship with his mother, first meeting with wife Irina (Svetlana Ivanova), difficult recovery after accident, when foot of hockey player was collected piece by piece and many others. 


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