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Rachel Weisz shares her impressions about her character in a new film

2013 March 13


The world has seen the premiere of the new film “Oz the Great and Powerful”, where Weisz is playing a witch from the East named Evanor. After we have seen the picture, we really were eager to find out more about the actress. And that is the result of our research.

Rachel was born into the family of immigrants of first generation In Hampsted, London. Both her parents came from successful Jewish families. But they fled to England after the Second World War. Her mother was born in Wien, and father was an inventor, who was born in Hungary. Rachel adored ballet and theatres and also museums. Her career as an actress grew from the theatrical circles. Rachel Weisz and her friend founded the workshop of dramatic improvisation. Since that time a lot things have changed and nowadays the actress is extremely popular.


Her part in “The Mummy” and the sequel brought immense popularity to Rachel. But after she played the character in horror but very light movie, she shifted her attention to more serious characters. Her character in “The shape of things” was very successful: she managed to play brilliantly. In this film the character of Rachel Weisz – Evelyn – manipulates her boyfriend Adam. She tries hard to change his lifestyle and habits. But when Adam proposes to her she makes a fool of him, calling him just a part of her art-project. Critics admitted that Rachel managed to create a very realistic character and apprised her talent of an actress. And in the year 2006 she finally won an “Oscar” for her part in “Constant Gardener”. At the ceremony she was pregnant and everyone could notice her big belly.

But in the year 2010 Rachel Weisz broke up with her boyfriend who was the father of her child. And soon it was admitted that Rachel dated Daniel Craig. In a year and a half they even got married. But still Rachel keeps her family life in a secret, trying not to reveal the details. But she can discuss for hours her work in different films.

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