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Philip Seymour Hoffman: “I don’t understand what is the present-day Hollywood”

2013 March 13

Venice, the beginning of September, Philip Seymour does not want to answer any questions and literally sleeps at the conference. Yesterday at the conference in favor of the new movie by Paul Thomas Anderson “Master” the actor had to answer all the questions while Hoakin Phoenix went out all the time and even lit a cigarette under the roof of Mussolini’s “Casino” building. Philip Seymour will return to Venice in a week to get his double prize for his and counterpart’s role. There are two main characters in “Master”: an injured during the Second World War sailor (Phoenix) and his teacher Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman). The latter character resembles much the founder of scientology Ron Hubbard.


“I wouldn’t call Dodd a charlatan, - says Hoffman, - The things he offers are quite real.  Such a form of psychological help makes the wounds even deeper but helps effectively to cope with it. But what he actually does remains a mystery for everyone. I think that nowadays we are in crisis like after the War and we all need a Master”.

Hoffman is not an actor with small parts, but he began from very small episode characters which were very remarkable. The independent segment of film-making gave a chance for Hoffman to take the leading role. But still this remarkable actor remained the one perfect for episodes. It all changed after Hoffman played a couple of leading characters but the actor says that almost nothing has actually changed! “One can’t just be the most important part of the film from beginning to end. Every actor is just a detail in the grandeur process of film-making” – says Hoffman.


Even after he became a very popular actor, Hoffman hasn’t become the Star in a full sense of the word. He lives in New York and calls himself a theater-type actor. Hoffman adds that his work satisfies him in a way that it is various: he works in theatres, acts as a director and an actor at one and the same time. That is what adds a spicy character to his lifestyle: the diversity of it.

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