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Jennifer Aniston invited Adele to sing at the wedding

2013 March 13

The Hollywood Star Jennifer Aniston is getting ready for the wedding with her beloved Justin Terou. The wedding is due to take place in May, 2013.

As the media reports, Aniston has invited to take part in the wedding the famous singer Adele, who has recently won “Oscar” for the soundtrack to “Skyfall”. Both the women have run into each other during Oscar ceremony. Aniston took her chance to invite Adele to her wedding. The actress said it will give great pleasure to her and the fiancée if Adele will sing at the ceremony of wedding.


One of the sources in “Look Magazine” has announced: “Adele adores Jennifer. I am sure Adele was greatly surprised to receive an invitation from Aniston and will think it over”.

The source says that Aniston spent most of the ceremony with Adele and received a very good piece of advice concerning maternity (Adele has recently given birth to her first child named Angelo). For Aniston it was interesting the way Adele coped with the first month after the childbirth. Adele admitted it was extremely difficult but was really worth every effort.


There is something in the air that the wedding ceremony may happen on the same day as the wedding of the ex-husband of Jennifer – Brad Pitt. He and Angelina Jolie are planning to acquire the permission to hold a wedding. Experts say that after the permission is acquired, the couple may marry within 90 days. Probably when Cannes Festival is over in May, there is possibility that Pitt and Jolie will marry. And the world may face a battle for popular Hollywood guests in two wedding ceremonies. The question is that they may choose two alternatives: Pitt/Jolie versus Aniston/Lerou. We will follow every detail concerning the matter.

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