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The best-selling actors of the world, 2012

2013 March 13

Forbes Magazine has recently published the list of the most successful actors of the year 2012. The magazine gives the first place to “Avengers”, which is a sequel to such films as “Iron Man”, “Incredible Halk”, “Iron Man 2”and “Thor”.

Robert Downey-Jr, or the famous Iron Man, heads the list of the rating. He managed to raise more than $1.5 billion for the film. 

The second position is occupied by Kristen Stewart, which managed to earn $1.2 billion. She took one of the leading parts in one of the most popular movies “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. Another picture, “Snow White and Huntsmen” brought her a sufficient amount of profit.


The third place was given to a famous actor Christian Bale, who played Batman in the latest part of the franchise. It managed to earn $1 billion that is why the overall profit of Bale has risen significantly, too. Another movie, “Flowers of The War”, had given the actor a profit of $300000 additionally.

Daniel Craig, the one who gained immense popularity after he had taken part in the famous franchise about James Bond, has also made quite a fortune last year. Craig occupies the fourth position in the list, made up by Forbes. “Skyfall” managed to earn $951 million, which is more than the previous “Casino Royal” made ($600 million).

The fifth place is taken by Kristen Stewart’s counterpart in “Twilight Saga”. Robert Pattinson had raised $793 million. But another actor, who also took part in the famous Vampire Saga – Taylor Lautner – raised $779 million, and that is why he is close to beat the result of Pattinson.


The New Spider Man Andrew Garfield occupies the seventh place in the rating. The new revised version telling the mass audience the story of an unusual spider has managed to pull $752 million. The eights place went to Jennifer Lawrence – a famous actress, known for “Hunger Games”.

The two last positions are held by Will Smith (his “Men in Black” got $624 million) and Mark Walberg. The overwhelming amount of the overall success of Walberg is due to a very funny comedy under the title “Ted” ($502 million). But the actor also received a decent sum of money from the movie “Contraband”. That is why the final result of Mark Walberg hit the line of $598 million. That is why he occupies the tenth position in the rating.

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