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Vin Diesel goes hunting witches

2013 March 13

The “Sahara” director Breck Eisner is attached to the Summit Entertainment studio’s project that is called “The Last Witch Hunter”. The leading role is saved for Vin Diesel, the negotiations with the actor’s managers are in full swing. 

The screenplay for “The Last Witch Hunter” was written by Corey Goodman, one of the authors of the mystic thriller “Priest” that was released in 2011. Goodman’s other recent works include the remake of “Lore” comics. Barry Sonnenfeld is going to make a movie based on this comics book. Last time we checked “The Last Witch Hunter” entered the Black List of the worst screenplays of 2010. 


The new Summit project will tell a story of the immortal witch-hunter that is forced to cooperate with his worst enemy, a real witch, to help her stop her evil sisters from destroying the humanity. 

Breck Eisner is a son of the former Disney Studio CEO Michael Eisner. The director doesn’t use his full name (Michael Breckenridge Eisner) to avoid confusion with his father’s name. Breck started his career with amateur plays and productions on campus of his university, he then set the techno noir “Recon” with Peter Gabriel and went to shoot commercials after that. 

The commercials brought Eisner the success he needed to move on to TV where he worked on such TV shows as “The Invisible Man” and “Taken” with the last one being produced by Steven Spielberg. Breck Eisner’s first significant project became the favorite topic of all the movie critics out there, the “Sahara” thriller with Matthew McConaughey as a leading actor is still considered one of the most disastrous Hollywood projects.  


 “Sahara’s” official budget even included the bribes for the Moroccan government to obtain the shooting permission. Almost $ 160 millions were spent on shooting; another $80 millions went to commercial purposes but the picture only collected $ 122 millions at the box office. And if this was not enough, the producers were forced to litigate with the book’s writer Clive Cussler who fortunately for Summit Entertainment lost the case. 

The only question that is on everyone’s minds is will the same story happen again with the “Last Witch Hunter”? Well, as far as we can’t see the future, there’s only one thing left to do – wait. 

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