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William P Shea Biography

William P Shea

William Shea grew up in the Boston area. Origanally, he studied to be in the engineering field and worked for several years on several project in the Boston area, Later as business had slowed down after the big dig project ended, William found himself unemployed. needing to make a decent living, at the age of 26 moved to Connecticut to pursue work in the casino business. As he became very successful, He started to spend vast amounts of time in New York city with his friends. William started looking into Hong Kong film, As he found it to be loaded with unknown talent. after a while he started spending great amounts of time viewing and building a vast library of popular films and film makers from Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea. Later he moved to Las Vegas and began working on movie scripts for Hong Kong films.
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As he started to write he began to collaborate with other writers and producers in his field as well as domestic film writers. When he discussed many of his ideas with other writers, he was surprised by their reactions. Most of his ideas and story lines had strong plots as well as potential. He has recently been given the opportunity to write a movie screenplay that has all the financial backing set in advance. As of December 25th 2007 he has become involved in a new project that is under development for production in the U.S. and Hong Kong, As he will serve as the writer, screen writer and director. William Shea owes most of his success to Hong Kong film. As of January 2008 William P Shea writes under the name Wei Lian Shea.