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Laura Ann Tull

Laura Ann Tull was born in Virginia, grew up in Maryland, and spent about ten years in the Washington, DC area. When she was little she used to go to Pumpkin Theatre at the College of Notre Dame and try to get the autographs of the actors because she loved their performances so much. Instead of loving acting for celebrities, it was the "Big Bad Wolf" in "Red Riding Hood" that made her want to pursue the craft. She was a very good student starting in the third grade after a teacher told her she was capable of doing anything. She was Co-Captain of the Cross Country team at Towson High School in Maryland- though she would say more for determination than speed. She was a Maryland Distinguished Scholar and went to college on a full scholarship where she studied Theatre and Economics and graduated with honors.
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She also holds a Masters in "Performing" Arts Management (dancers/actors not museum studies- though she has studied critical art theory), and the skills also transfer to film production. Ms. Tull was a licensed attorney in California, but recently retired from the profession without charges pending and having never really practiced traditional law, though she can "act" as one. Her areas of special studies in law were journalism (working as a legal reporter), communications, electronic media/ Internet, non-profits and entertainment issues (copyright/trademark). Like most law students she also studied traditional legal issues to pass the bar. She has developed a distaste for the legal profession due to its rigid nonacceptance of her desire to never practice traditional law. She spent the years from 2003 to 2008 making a living as a background artist/ actress working on sets almost every day, including while fighting cancer in 2005. She was told in 2008 that Disney/ ABC was blacklisting her, an action she intends to fight. Since being told that she has had 3 films in festivals, one of which won an award. At the time no one took here seriously, though the abuse has continued from actors and individuals related to that network as well as men who abused her and even the Unions, one of which put in her file the word "termination." She was also 501/50ed after saying that the Union was killing her by its actions. Ms. Tull was released in three days, but missed an opportunity to go to a benefit concert for a charity she assists with and also it was indicated to her she did not belong in the facility to begin with. Ms. Tull is not ashamed to call herself an actress nor is she ashamed of anything that she has done. She is ashamed of the legal professional and is ashamed that the Unions would side with individuals who have abused her and bullied her and hit on her and stripped her of rights that all Union members are supposed to have equally. In addition, Ms. Tull is an advocate for non-violent actions and demonstrations, not acts of retaliation. She is also for gun-control and is not interested in having firearms in her home ever. Apparently someone told the police she had access to guns, which was a lie. She started to study web and photo shop in 2005, realizing that the industry was moving toward digital. In addition, since her background is in entertainment, she needs to be working in the industry even if doing something legally related. She is now working on a certificate in Digital Media so she can potentially edit and assist in making film projects as well as act in them, but her first and foremost goal will always be to find ways to act. She has been asked to interview for a project that if accepted would get her an internship editing at a network in a year. Again, she intends to act and make film. Ms Tull has beaten cancer twice- breast and skin- and is a fighter against that monster and does the EIF Walk every year and is determined to do it every year for the rest of her life, though she will take acting jobs anywhere in the world if Union and artistically worth it and has a love for period work, drama, and a gift for dialects. She also loves BBC and Syfy. She believes in Freedom of belief, but not in coercion or in forcing someone to agree to a belief structure to have a career and once worked as a research intern for Clinton's Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom.

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