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Joseph Vassallo

Joseph Vassallo, (son of Johnny and Lucia the oldest of his sister and two brothers) was born on the island of Malta in May of 1964. He grew up in the humble neighborhoods of this tiny Mediterranean island (just a few miles South of Sicily) playing soccer on the streets in the morning and sitting on the stoop of the local social club, telling tales, and laughing through the hot summer nights. Although he graduated, school was never a priority in his life instead he aspired to become a professional Pool Player. Joseph got the bug for acting at age 13, when he visited the set of "Midnight Express" in Malta, where his father was making some extra money working as an extra. This was the birth for "acting" in Joseph's life and soon he joined the Manuael Theater in Valletta.
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Joseph's journey took him in different directions. At 16, he left home to Switzerland, and by the young age of 23, he had already lived in five different countries, traveled the world 11 times, over, and spoke five different languages.In the mid 80's, Vassallo moved to New York City to study acting. In 1988, the young actor moved to Los Angeles and continued on his path in the dramatic arts. There he trained under legendary acting geniuses Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler and Joanne Baron. Joseph landed a spot at "The Actors Studio" in Hollywood under the supervision of the legendary Shelley Winters. Between New York and Los Angeles he appeared, to critical acclaim, in about 18 stage plays. In 1994, Joseph landed the role of "Tony the Match" in the movie "Blankman" at the Sony Columbia Studios in Hollywood. Shortly after he followed with the drama and comedy features, "My Brother Jack", "The 4th Tenor", "Just Married" and "Behind the Smile". He had the privilege to guest star on "Diagnosis Murder", "The West Wing", "Alias", "Damon", and "My Wife and Kids".In addition to acting, Joseph's ambition, and multi-talents, moved him to work behind the lens. Since joining Nu Systems Productions in 2005, and becoming Vice President of Wayouttv in September 2006, Mr. Vassallo has joined with President Damon Wayans, in building Wayouttv into the growing independent web, film, and television, entertainment studio, through strict financial discipline, daring creative choices, organic growth of the company's core businesses, accretive strategic acquisitions, and leveraging its content into fresh digital media initiatives. Mr. Vassallo played a lead role in the Company's successful completion of several projects for wayouttv. Under the leadership of Mr. Wayans, Vassallo went on to Produce a variety of comedy sketches, four television pilot presentations, as well as written, produced, acted and directed multiple webisodes for wayouttv.On the literary front, Vassallo was hired to work on the Disney Studios Lot as a script/writing consultant on the hit ABC TV series "My Wife and Kids" (2005). In the past fifteen years, Vassallo has written over a dozen screenplays, and a Novel.In 2007, Joseph graduated from the Dov Simmons Film School, in Hollywood, CA.Currently, in Los Angeles, CA., Vassallo enjoys successes in the television and feature film worlds, both as an actor, writer and producer.

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