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Helen Traubel Biography

Helen Traubel

Her first introduction to performing was as a singer, and she made her concert debut with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Although widely known for her talent, it was not until 1935 that she was given the chance to succeed on a national level. In 1935, while performing at the St. Louis Sangerfest, she was heard by composer Walter Damrosch. Earlier, Damrosch had composed the opera The Man Without a County, after hearing her he rewrote it to include a part for her. It was in this opera that she premiered in 1937 at the New York Metropolitan Opera. In the 1940s, she was the Met's leading Wagnerian soprano. She did not limit herself to opera, however, and played parts in a few movies, wrote several mystery novels, and became part-owner in the St.
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Louis Browns baseball team. She never completely stopped performing, making appearances on occasion throughout the rest of her life.