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Harald Eia Biography

Harald Eia

Harald Eia grew up in Rykkin, a suburb to Norway's capital Oslo, where he enjoyed playing soccer in his spare time. He got his first acting experience when he played Peer Gynt in school. Eia was very good at school and received very good grades. His first appearance was at "U-natt", but he wasn't famous before he and his close friend and partner, Bård Tufte Johansen and Marit Åslein put together the show "Lille lørdag" (1995). It became a huge success in Norway and also appeared in the Montreal-festival, though without any success. Eia later commented that he doesn't think the audience there understood the ironic humour they used. After a break from television he and Tufte Johansen put together another show called _"Åpen Post" (1998)_. It was also a big hit in Norway, but also made headlines after many jokes about famous people.
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Norwegian artist Finn Kalvig later said he had a lot of depression after he was made fool of in the show. But the success just grew and grew and is still a big hit. Eia has also had a role in the Norwegian success film Detektor (2000), directed by upcoming star Pål Jackman. Eia also enjoys spending time with wife Anne Ryg and their children.