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Endre Bohem

Hungarian-born Endre Bohem received his education at the University of Budapest and at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. He emigrated to the US in 1921, attended New York's Columbia University, then made his way to Hollywood, where he worked as a screenwriter on several silent films. Although he was employed as an assistant to Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohn, Bohem wrote pictures for a variety of studios, including MGM and Republic, before accepting a job in the MGM short-subjects department as a producer and writer. Leaving MGM to produce feature films at Paramount, Bohem was responsible for such quirky fare as Alias Nick Beal (1949). He was one of the earliest Hollywood writers to detour to television, where he worked as a writer and producer on several shows beginning in 1952, but kept his hand in features, writing such films as Bengazi (1955).
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In 1959 he joined the company of the Clint Eastwood western series "Rawhide" (1959) as a story consultant and eventually moved up to executive producer. He continued to work in both films and television until his retirement.

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