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Bobbie Bresee

Buxom and beautiful blonde actress Bobbie Bresee had a sadly short-lived reign as a scream queen in a handful of enjoyably trashy 80s low-budget horror pictures. Bobbie was born in 1950 in San Diego, California. She was a music teacher and onetime "Playboy" Bunny prior to embarking on an acting career. Bresee gave a solid and impressive performance as a sweet and lovely young lady who becomes possessed by an evil sexually voracious demon in the fun fright feature "Mausoleum." (Bobbie was nominated for a Saturn Award as Best Actress for her fine acting in this film.) Bresee was quite funny as Smeg's mom in the crudely amusing "Surf Nazis Must Die" and had a memorably sexy bit as a luscious, but lethal temptress in the crummy "Ghoulies." Bobbie tackled a semi-autobiographical starring role as a faded aging B-movie starlet who transforms into a murderous humanoid insect monster after taking an experimental youthful serum in the delightfully dreadful "Evil Spawn.
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" Bresee popped up in guest spots on the TV shows "Charlie's Angels," "B.J. and the Bear," "The Love Boat," "Simon & Simon," and "The Fall Guy." She had a recurring part on the popular daytime soap opera "Santa Barbara." In real life Bobbie Bresee is an extremely charming and well-educated woman who plays the piano.

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